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FAQ For Prints

"How do I know what a painting's title is?"   --------->  If you click on an image, it will enlarge it and show you the title at the bottom

"What kind of Payment can you take?"  ---->   I can take payment from E-Transfer or Paypal

"What size can I get?"    ------> The biggest size you could get for most paintings is 40 to 50 inches anything smaller can be printed. Every painting has a different ratio and the pictures you see on the website show you if a painting is more square or rectangular.

"How do I get it?"   ----->  It will be mailed to you in a cardboard tube, it will take anywhere from 3 - 5 days from the time you make the order to get to you. 

"Do you sign it?"    --------> Yes every print is signed and numbered


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